Re: tsm sql error messages

2001-05-26 06:32:39
Subject: Re: tsm sql error messages
From: Mark Stapleton <stapleton AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 23:37:07 -0500
Del Hoobler wrote:
> Did you try specifying a valid sql userid and password?
> For example:
>    sqldsmc /backupfull:*  /SQLUSer:userid   /SQLPWD:password
> The default is "sa" for /SQLUSER and "" (blank) for SQLPWD.

...which begs a question:

Why in the name of God's greasy gonads did the TDP for SQL group build
sqldsmc.exe's code to require that I put a password for an SQL server's
system administrator ID in *clear test*? We're in danger of losing a
customer's TDP for SQL business because that system administrator's
password has to sit out there stark naked in a batch file. The TDP for
SQL's GUI interface allows you to enter the password once and have it
encrypted. Why in *hell* can't the command-line version use that
encrypted password?

Mark Stapleton (stapleton AT berbee DOT com)
Mark Stapleton (stapleton AT berbee DOT com)
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