TSM 4.1 on OS/390 2.10 and RMM ????

2001-05-29 10:58:17
Subject: TSM 4.1 on OS/390 2.10 and RMM ????
From: Christo Heuër <christoh AT ABSA.CO DOT ZA>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:09:12 +0200
Hi All,

Are there anybody out there running OS/390 2.10 and TSM4.1.3.0 and using RMM
as the tape mgmt. system?
We implemented this config and have been suffering with tape related I/O
errors since then.
The migration tasks fail with a 613-04 EOD abend on each and every tape it
tries to migrate to. You can mark the tape as reado and it will try the next
tape and sometimes work and sometimes not - more often not....
In the new release of RMM there is something called fast positioning that
causes the EOD abends during disp=mod processing - this is what Tsm does all
the time.
The APAR created last week for the problem is OW48730.
Needless to say we implemented the APAR last night but it has not solved our

Is there anybody that runs this config without problems?

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