Re: [Networker] Why doesn't nsrinfo show me saveset details?

2012-10-16 08:32:19
Subject: Re: [Networker] Why doesn't nsrinfo show me saveset details?
From: Michael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 08:22:26 -0400
> > I have done the recommended procedure - cretae a new client with the 
> > client id that is on the tape; scan into the media db; run report 
> > order of the volumes involved in the saveset I want; then scan again 
> > "scanner -i -S<ssid>". And then change the browse, retention, and
> > expiration dates. And those savesets are still browsable.
> >
> Did you mean 'not browsable.' ?

I do not. I mean: I have done the above procedure many times (couple dozen 
or so), and the savesets have always been browsable afterwards. However, 
these particular savesets now are not browsable. I believe they used to be 
browsable, altho I don't really recall if I explicitly browsed these after 
scanning them, years ago. I do know that I can, even now, go and browse 
other savesets that were scanned at the same time, and in the same way. I 
can browse tapes that I scanned from May, 2008 from this server. This 
saveset that I need (from Aug, 2007) I can not browse. Yet both savesets 
were scanned in the same way, using the steps above.

I am going to try scanning again, in the proper order. Going straight to 
"scanner -i -S <ssid>", and I will get the <ssid> and the order from the 
current media db.

If that doesn't work ... I can't think of anything else, except to delete 
the saveset entirely, and re-scan completely. And by completely, I mean: 
"scanner -m", then the mminfo report, then "scanner -i", then change 
browse/retention/expiration dates; then recover.

If that doesn't work ... I have no idea. :-)

> > What *may* have happened is that those CFIs were removed by the 
> > that removes the oldest NW indexes (I'm really rushed right now, so I
> > can't check the exact command). But if that command was run, then it's
> > possible that these would have been one of the indexes removed, as 
> > would have been one of the oldest indexes.
> Yep! That could certainly have happened.
> >> Just a related question here: what if you're scanning a whole tape, 
> >> there's spanning save sets, but they don't all continue onto the same
> >> subsequent tapes? What does one do in that case? You have to break it
> >> down by individual save sets?
> > Scanner is supposed to be smart enough to see the ssid being scanned, 
> > match it with the ssid it finds in the media db, and therefore just 
> > the incoming info to the saveset.
> >
> > I think.
> What I meant was what happens if you don't specify a '-S' option, and 
> you're running scanner with '-i' and/or '-m'. What does it do when it 
> has numerous save sets that span different tapes, but you're not 
> limiting the operation to a specific save set?

Those savesets should be screwed up (that's a technical term, don'tcha 
know :-)). Since they weren't scanned in order, the index was not rebuilt 
properly, and so should not be browsable. Probably not even recoverable. 
Not sure what the saveset status would be - aborted? Incomplete, more 
likely. You can't browse or recover savesets that are aborted or 
incomplete, AFAIK.