[Networker] Advanced file type devices on storage nodes

2008-05-22 08:48:48
Subject: [Networker] Advanced file type devices on storage nodes
From: Teresa Biehler <tpbsys AT RIT DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 08:39:44 -0400

We've got a storage node with several advanced file type devices.  We
have a script that will clone these backups to tape so that we can take
them offsite.  We'd like to keep the disk copies as long as possible.
To do this, we'd like to automatically check how much space is still
available on these disk devices.  How can we do this from the NW server?


I know NW does this somehow because one of the criteria for staging is
percentage full.  How does the NW server determine that the disk device
is a certain percentage full?  




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