[Networker] Identifying a MS SQL database using mminfo

2008-05-22 10:23:05
Subject: [Networker] Identifying a MS SQL database using mminfo
From: MIchael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 10:15:27 -0400
I have this MS SQL2005 database server that we backup using the NW SQL 
module. This server is an AFTD device, and so it writes the backup to 
disk. I need to delete one of those databases, to clear up room.

However, when I run

mminfo -r 
-q "client=%machine%,volume=%tapevol%"

I get back:

4264871542  1211418229 pssql3    MSSQL: 5/21/2008 9:03:50 PM 131 GB 3 vF
2570380296  1211425799 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/21/2008 
11:10:00 PM 130 GB 3 vF
2436164230  1211427461 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/21/2008 
11:37:40 PM 678 MB 3 vF
2419387087  1211427535 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/21/2008 
11:38:55 PM 169 GB 3 vF
2385834317  1211429196 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/22/2008 
12:06:35 AM 3093 KB 3 vF
2369057104  1211429199 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/22/2008 
12:06:39 AM 1515 KB 3 vF
2352279890  1211429201 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/22/2008 
12:06:42 AM 31 MB 3 vF
2335502677  1211429204 pssql3    MSSQL:                          5/22/2008 
12:06:44 AM 464  B 3 vF

How can I have NW tell me exactly what the database name is? One is named 
PROD, and one is UPGRADE (temp db used during a recent upgrade), and I'd 
like to make sure which one I am deleting. :-)

I'm assuming that the savesets follow the order of the backup, which 
according the the SQL module backup log, would mean the 2nd set shown 
above. But how can I verify that? I can't seem to find a way to have 
mminfo tell me the database name, so I can double check what I'm deleting.

NW 7.4 SP2 on Win2003; NW SQL module 5.1 SP1.


Michael Leone
Network Administrator, ISM
Philadelphia Housing Authority
2500 Jackson St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Tel:  215-684-4180
Cell: 215-252-0143
<mailto:michael.leone AT pha.phila DOT gov>

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