Re: [Networker] Backups status not finishing

2007-05-11 00:13:42
Subject: Re: [Networker] Backups status not finishing
From: rlchua <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 18:23:02 -0700
Hi Fazil,

Would you still know what was the subject of the other post you are saying 
here? When you say upgrade to Networker 7.3*, will it be both the server and 
the storage nodes? Unfortunately for us, I think the reason why we are not able 
to upgrade to Networker 7.3* is that it will not support one of our platforms 
here, which are the OpenVMS servers, where the most recent Networker version is 
6.01-D ECO13.

Can you give me some additional details regarding this bug that you have 
mentioned as well?

Thanks  :D

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