[Networker] Backups status not finishing

2007-05-08 22:41:28
Subject: [Networker] Backups status not finishing
From: rlchua <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 19:41:01 -0700
Hi folks,

I would just like to know if somebody in this forum has already encountered 
this problem that we are currently experiencing. We have our backups running 
smoothly until we migrated some of our clients and one of our storage nodes to 
a new IP address with a firewall in between them. Initially, our problems were 
concerning DNS resolutions but we were able to resolve it now, it seems.

Now, although the data on the disks are being being saved to tape and can be 
browsed using nwrecover, and the tape drives are being released, our backup's 
status on the nwadmin's group control window continous to be RUNNING and what 
we'll need to do is to manually stop it so that the next backup will run as 
scheduled. Then, that's the time that we will only get the email notification 
for a failed completion.

We've already raised a case with EMC on this and currently, we are setting up a 
test server to do some isolation tests based on their suggestions.

Our Networker server is v7.2 on Solaris 9, and our affected clients and storage 
node are on OpenVMS v7.3-2/TCPIP v5.4 ECO5, with Networker v6.01-D ECO13.

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