[Networker] Backups status not finishing

2007-05-11 00:19:44
Subject: [Networker] Backups status not finishing
From: Fazil Saiyed <fazil.saiyed AT ANIXTER DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 08:44:35 -0400
This is exatly what i had mentioned in reply to an different post.
Do you have plans to upgrade to 7.3 * it may still effect you but may be 
not as much, also if you upgrade networker you must  check the ports 
allowed perhaps it needs addtional ports when using firewall, newer 
version of networker sets the port range much heigher then privously.
i.e nsrports -c 0-0.
also check authorization method used, i beleive there are three, one on 
them is recomended to be removed from default ( Networker bug )
either case do the homework before implementing this changes.

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