[Networker] setup for networker w/ACSLS

2007-05-08 13:19:04
Subject: [Networker] setup for networker w/ACSLS
From: Rick Pim <rick AT POST.QUEENSU DOT CA>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 13:17:03 -0400
environment: Sun V490, Solaris 10, Networker 7.2.2/(the December
jumbo patch from the web site). tape library is a Storagetek L8500
with 3 LTO 3 drives, controlled from ACSLS 7.1 on a Sun V240 running
Solaris 10.

this represents a 'forklift' upgrade of our old system; all the
hardware and software is being upgraded. i'm treating this as a new
install, especially since there are concepts (ACSLS, for example) that
are completely new to me.

sun/storagetek installed ACSLS on its machine last month. last week
i installed networker on the v490. the documentation on how to get
networker to talk to ACSLS is a little, um, sketchy, but i managed to
convince myself that i should do:

/usr/sbin/mini_el &
/usr/sbin/ssi &

and then configure the library with jbconfig. this was reasonably
successful; i received no errors. and i was able to allocate a tape
   nsrjb -a -T 100000
and even label it via:
   nsrjb -v -L -T 100000

repeat a few more times and i managed to get the following out
of nsrjb:

Jukebox stk0:
  slot  volume       pool     barcode  volume id        recyclable
     1: 100000       Default  100000   4114150104       no        
     2: 100001       Default  100001   4097373200       no        
     3: 100002       Default  100002   4080596587       no        
     4: 100003       Default  100003   4063819711       no        
     5: 100004       Default  100004   4047101402       no        
     6: 100005       Default  100005   4030326422       no        
     7: 100006       Default  100006   4013549547       no        

drive 1 (/dev/rmt/0cbn) slot   :    
drive 2 (/dev/rmt/1cbn) slot  2: 100001 (mounted)  
drive 3 (/dev/rmt/2cbn) slot   :    

i was feeling positively ecstatic at having this much luck
and decided to try a backup. i created a group for the server
to back itself up in and kicked the group off. 

ultimately, it seemed to work fine. i've done a few tests and so far
things look fine; the only problems encountered having been the
mapping between the unix device names (/dev/rmt/0cbn) and the
StorageTek ones (0, 3, 1, 0).

i'm in the process of loading in my clients from the old server,
running more tests and getting license keys moved to the new
system. but my question is:

is there anything glaringly obvious that i'm missing? are there
any upcoming 'gotchas' that i should know about?

thanks in advance.


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