[Networker] Level reported for Oracle RMAN backups?

2007-05-08 11:15:24
Subject: [Networker] Level reported for Oracle RMAN backups?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 11:13:20 -0400
What is the correct level that mminfo should report for Oracle RMAN backups?

We always see level 'full' regardless of whether the RMAN script runs a level 0 or a level 1. However, the client index does report a level 9 when we're running level 1 backups and level full when we're running level 0 backups, so it seems to be reporting the correct level. The reported 'sumsize' is what we would expect, however. Just seems kinda odd that NW always reports a full for everything other than the client index. Other people on this forum have reported the same behavior. We do not see this behavior on normal file backups, just Oracle.
We're running Oracle 10g on RH Linux using NW 7.2.2 with NMO 4.2. We
have two NSR client resources,
each specifies a different RMAN script for the save sets. One script
runs a level 0 and the other runs a level 1.
Each client is in a different group, and both groups are a member of the
oracle pool. This pool does not have
any levels specified. Also, we do not specify a schedule for the groups
since this seemed pointless since RMAN
dictates this. We do specify a level for the groups. Not sure why we did
this, but the full group specifies a level
'full' and the incr group specifies an 'incr'. These are the two groups
that are members of the oracle pool.
Our backups/recovers work fine, and again, the reported sizes are what
we would expect, only the backup level
reports full always.

Does anyone know the scoop on this? Is this the case across the board?

If anyone is not seeing this behavior, could you tell me what release of NW and/or NMO you're running?


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