Re: [Networker] Unique save set name problem finally solved?

2007-05-08 13:30:45
Subject: Re: [Networker] Unique save set name problem finally solved?
From: Darren Dunham <ddunham AT TAOS DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 10:27:07 -0700
> As such, I guess I could create a wrapper script (/usr/sbin/nsr_test) 
> that calls the one we have been
> using (/usr/sbin/nsrnmo_level1_test). I notice when I use the existing 
> one, and I run a backup, I see the following running
> on the Oracle client:
> /bin/sh /usr/sbin/nsrnmo_level1_test -s server_name -g group_name -LL -m 
> client_name -t 1178573804 -l incr -q -W 78 -N path2RMANscript 
> path2RMANscript
> So, we would just need to change the value following the '-N' as you 
> suggested. However, it's going to be a bit involved getting the correct
> time value. If we do it the way we've been doing it then NW figures it 
> out and passes all the correct parameters. If we create the wrapper script
> and specify that instead then we're going to have to explicitly call the 
> nsrnmo script (nsrnmo_level1_test) with all the expected parameters; 
> otherwise,
> it bombs with the "nsrnmostart returned status of 255" message.

No... your script will be passed all of that stuff.  You just need
to change the -N part to what you want, then pass it all on to nsrnmo.

> Furthermore, what ever custom name we supply via '-N', this will be the 
> name for all
> save sets as reported by mminfo, so that's not really any better than 
> what we're getting now.

I guess that depends on your script.  The more smarts it has, the more
it could construct a name that is what you want.  But yes, I don't know
a way to get the information that 'nsrnmo' would have back out to your
script before it runs....

It would be nice if the nsrnmo script could be run once in a 'do
nothing' mode, but printed out some information that you could use for a
saveset name, then you could invoke it with the -N flag.

> I mean, having mminfo report a different name
> for the control file versus the data files might be nice, but everything 
> gets launched once the rman script is called, so unless we split out the
> backup of the control file into its own rman script then its save set 
> will have the same name, at least as far as what mminfo reports. nsrinfo,
> however, would still report the names are mandated by the format 
> command. Does this inference sound correct? :-\

That is correct.  You can only set one name for all savesets spawned by
the nsrnmo script this way.

This idea was just a workaround anyway.  The nsrnmo stuff has the
capability to set the saveset name to whatever it wants to.  There's
just (apparently) no mechanism to modify that string.

> Anyway, I guess all of this is unnecessary since the rman script name 
> indicates the level, and we can see the unique names from the nsrinfo 
> command.
> Also, as others have commented, you use RMAN for everything anyway, and 
> NW figures it out. I guess I was overly complicating it. :-(

Probably.  The only thing I would ever have used it for is reporting.  I
do a fair amount of reporting that breaks things out by saveset name.  I
almost never go into to the file index to gather information there.

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