?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?

2004-04-05 16:39:15
Subject: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?
From: James R Owen <Jim.Owen AT YALE DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 16:39:10 -0400
To other TSM sites w/ substantial investment in 3590 technology:

We are again trying to figure out what to do for additional TSM tape
capacity.  We currently have two IBM 3494 ATL's (each w/ six 3590E1A
SCSI-connected drives and ~2000 tapes in each) for primary STGpools.
We also have two IBM 3584 ATL's (one w/ four LTO1 and two LTO2 drives,
and another w/ three LTO1 and three LTO2 drives, all FC and all
using LTO1 media.)  [The LTO's were our remote, online Copy STGpools.]

To continue using 3590 media for our primary tape STGpools, we either
need to buy an additional 3494 frame (used?) or convert our existing
drives from 3590E's to 3590H's (used?). The E->H conversion would
eventually give us 50% more capacity with our existing media via TSM
tape reclamation processing.  That seems reasonable to me, but...

Others here speculate that perhaps we should consider converting from
3590 to LTO media because of increasing 3590 maintenance costs, etc.
Another concern is that in 3-5 years our 3590 media may be obsolete
[definitely beyond the 10 year warranty period], so why not get off now?

Are you [other sites substantially invested in 3590's] continuing to
invest in 3590's -or- are you converting to other (LTO?) tape technology?

Is anyone considering/already doing a substantial 3590->LTO conversion?
If so, we would like to talk with you.

Thanks for your help.
jim.owen AT yale DOT edu (203.432.6693)