Re: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?

2004-04-06 09:56:12
Subject: Re: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?
From: "Dearman, Richard" <rdearm1 AT UIC DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 08:55:32 -0500
I'm going in the direction of the 3592 upgrade for my 3494.  I have an LTO1
w/2 drives for an offsite copy pool and I've had more problems with it than
the 3590 drives in my 3494 primary storage pool.  I believe the 3592
technology to be much more stable and tested than the LTO models.  I don't
think IBM will phase out the 3592 line because it's there cash cow.  You pay
$30k for a 3592 or $10k for an LTO why would you phase out your money maker.
Besides large mainframe environments highly use 3590 technology.  Although I
do believe LTO storage capacity will exceed 3592 drives in the near future
and upgrades in capacity to 3592 line will be slower than those for LTO.

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Subject: Re: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 05:37:52AM -0400, asr AT UFL DOT EDU wrote:
> ==> In article <4071C3EE.8050102 AT Yale DOT Edu>, James R Owen
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> > Are you [other sites substantially invested in 3590's] continuing to
> > invest in 3590's -or- are you converting to other (LTO?) tape
> 3592.  Mmmm.
> tsm: GLMAIL>q vol T00054
> Volume Name               Storage      Device      Estimated    Pct
>                           Pool Name    Class Name   Capacity   Util
>                                                         (MB)
> ------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------  -----
> T00054                    GLMAIL-3592  3592DEV     569,517.6   97.5
> > Is anyone considering/already doing a substantial 3590->LTO conversion?
> > If so, we would like to talk with you.
> And it fits in your extant 3494.

Ah.  Careful with this statement.  It does fit, however, you need a frame
conversion, library manager upgrade, and 3592's and 3590's can't coexist in
the same frame.

We may not *convert*, but we may move our 3590's out of our L unit, upgrade
it, and move in a couple of these babies.  They do look nice, but I still
the thought of the dataloss, if one cart gets damaged or fails.  ooooh.


> - Allen S. Rout
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