Re: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?

2004-04-05 16:50:08
Subject: Re: ?continue using 3590's or convert to LTO tape?
From: Luke Dahl <ldahl AT JPL.NASA DOT GOV>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 13:49:00 -0700
We're keeping our existing 3494 with eight 3590H1A's to handle workstation
and smaller size node backups (being we're heavily invested already).  We've
just ordered and received a 3584 with six LTO2 drives to handle our
increasing demand for offsite media copies as well as large server/node
backups.  We're anticipating approximately 75Tb of growth in the next year
that can be handled much more efficiently and cost-effectively using LTO2
drives and a new library.  I think the answer is probably both, but you
really have to determine on your own being there are a number of variables to
consider (particularly sunk costs).


James R Owen wrote:

> To other TSM sites w/ substantial investment in 3590 technology:
> We are again trying to figure out what to do for additional TSM tape
> capacity.  We currently have two IBM 3494 ATL's (each w/ six 3590E1A
> SCSI-connected drives and ~2000 tapes in each) for primary STGpools.
> We also have two IBM 3584 ATL's (one w/ four LTO1 and two LTO2 drives,
> and another w/ three LTO1 and three LTO2 drives, all FC and all
> using LTO1 media.)  [The LTO's were our remote, online Copy STGpools.]
> To continue using 3590 media for our primary tape STGpools, we either
> need to buy an additional 3494 frame (used?) or convert our existing
> drives from 3590E's to 3590H's (used?). The E->H conversion would
> eventually give us 50% more capacity with our existing media via TSM
> tape reclamation processing.  That seems reasonable to me, but...
> Others here speculate that perhaps we should consider converting from
> 3590 to LTO media because of increasing 3590 maintenance costs, etc.
> Another concern is that in 3-5 years our 3590 media may be obsolete
> [definitely beyond the 10 year warranty period], so why not get off now?
> Are you [other sites substantially invested in 3590's] continuing to
> invest in 3590's -or- are you converting to other (LTO?) tape technology?
> Is anyone considering/already doing a substantial 3590->LTO conversion?
> If so, we would like to talk with you.
> Thanks for your help.
> --
> jim.owen AT yale DOT edu (203.432.6693)