Excessive Read Errors on LTO

2001-05-17 11:41:15
Subject: Excessive Read Errors on LTO
From: Ruddy STOUDER <Ruddy.Stouder AT IRISLINK DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 17:38:44 +0200

My configuration is TSM Server 4.1.2, NT4.0 SP6, LTO 3583 with 2 tape
drives 3580 connected via Adaptec 29160. Drivers are the IBM ones in

Backups are running perfectly, restores are also running perfectly but
during the week-end, when reclamation is running, I get the following
error messages :

05/08/2001 16:39:04   ANR1417W Access mode for volume 265AADL1 now set
                       "read-only" due to excessive read error.

05/08/2001 16:39:37   ANR8302E I/O error on drive DRIVE2 (\\.\TAPE1)
                       CC=0, KEY=03, ASC=14, ASCQ=00,

                       undetermined error has occurred).  Refer to
Appendix D in
                       the 'Messages' manual for recommended action.
05/08/2001 16:39:37   ANR8359E Media fault detected on LTO volume
265AADL1 in
                       drive DRIVE2 (\\.\TAPE1) of library LIB3583.

Any idea ?

Many thanks in advance,

 Ruddy Stouder
System Engineer
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