Re: Excessive Read Errors on LTO

2001-05-18 22:47:35
Subject: Re: Excessive Read Errors on LTO
From: Suad Musovich <suad AT CCU1.AUCKLAND.AC DOT NZ>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 14:48:24 +1200
> Be wary of upgrading the firmware on LTO drives.  See the thread last week
> entitled "Re: LTO restore performance - seek problem?", there are some
> major read performance problems in the last 3 releases of the LTO drive
> firmware.
> In the past two weeks i've gone from OBN1 to OCE1 to 12U7, and yesterday
> to 1550.  And i'm still having problems.  I'd really like to go back to
> OBN1 if i could find it...

Seek problems are one thing, read/write/locate errors are another.

                   Volume Name: UA0038
                   Volume Name: UA0038
             Storage Pool Name: LTOPOOL
             Device Class Name: LTOCLASS
       Estimated Capacity (MB): 162,532.5
                      Pct Util: 27.9
                 Volume Status: Filling
                        Access: Destroyed
        Pct. Reclaimable Space: 73.7
               Scratch Volume?: Yes
               In Error State?: No
      Number of Writable Sides: 1
       Number of Times Mounted: 147
             Write Pass Number: 1
     Approx. Date Last Written: 04/27/2001 03:31:47
        Approx. Date Last Read: 05/16/2001 09:42:12
           Date Became Pending:
        Number of Write Errors: 2
         Number of Read Errors: 21
               Volume Location:
Last Update by (administrator): BACKUP
         Last Update Date/Time: 05/17/2001 11:45:53