Re: Novell Client backup Error

1999-05-21 04:32:41
Subject: Re: Novell Client backup Error
From: "Lambelet,Rene,VEVEY,FC-SIL/INF." <Rene.Lambelet AT NESTLE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 10:32:41 +0200

reclamation only starts when a tape is FULL and the reclamation threshold is
reached. Filling tapes will never get reclaimed. If you want to delete one
filling tape, do a move data first.


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> Subject:      Re: Novell Client backup Error
> "Remeta, Mark" wrote:
> >
> > If reclamation is set to 100% reclamation will never occur.
> > You need to lower the reclamation value to make it start. It should be
> lower
> > than what the tape says is reclaimable.
> > If you have the storage pool set for 10 scratch tapes (ie:maxscratch=10)
> and
> > all 10 tapes are full you will not be able to perform the reclaim.
> > Reclaiming takes data from multiple tapes which are full and writes this
> > data to a new blank tape. After the reclaim operation is complete the
> old
> > tapes that had the data on them are deleted from the volume history and
> > returned to the scratch pool.
> >
> ok .... but with a reclamation set to 10 and a filling tape .... the
> reclamation not occur. How can i force it ? when did the server normaly
> start reclamation ?
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