Re: Novell Client backup Error

1999-05-20 12:03:19
Subject: Re: Novell Client backup Error
From: "Remeta, Mark" <MRemeta AT SELIGMANDATA DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 12:03:19 -0400
If reclamation is set to 100% reclamation will never occur.
You need to lower the reclamation value to make it start. It should be lower
than what the tape says is reclaimable.
If you have the storage pool set for 10 scratch tapes (ie:maxscratch=10) and
all 10 tapes are full you will not be able to perform the reclaim.
Reclaiming takes data from multiple tapes which are full and writes this
data to a new blank tape. After the reclaim operation is complete the old
tapes that had the data on them are deleted from the volume history and
returned to the scratch pool.


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> > The tape will remain full until all data on it has expired. This is what
> > reclamation is used for.
> If reclamation is set to 100% it would not remain full. isn't it ?
> In my case always the same erro message : ANS1329S Server out of data
> storage space
> :(
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