Re: Novell Client backup Error

1999-05-20 11:23:08
Subject: Re: Novell Client backup Error
From: Sebastien Chaumontet <schaumon AT CUR-ARCHAMPS DOT FR>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 17:23:08 +0200
Andreas Buser wrote:
> What capacity did you define in your deviceclass? Maybe its set to
> small?
> Increase the capacitydefinition.Maybe setting one tape to status filling
> could help you.

update devclass 3570class ESTCAPacity=180G

after updating the devclass the storagepool still 12.5% used and nothing
beter :(
(3570 calculate automaticaly the estimated max capacity)

Sebastien Chaumontet
Sebastien Chaumontet
CRI Archamps ---
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