Re: Novell Client backup Error

1999-05-20 10:46:45
Subject: Re: Novell Client backup Error
From: Sebastien Chaumontet <schaumon AT CUR-ARCHAMPS DOT FR>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:46:45 +0200
Andreas Buser wrote:
> What status have your 18 Tapes?? Are they filling???  If not you have to
> increase the number
> of tapes.
> If you can't do that, your pool is realy full. Evt try running expire
> inventory to free tapes.
> if not ... last resort: take out tapes and insert scratch tapes...
> bonne chance

all tapes are marked full but most are only 1% used
ex :

Volume Name                  Storage         Device
Estimated     %Util      Volume
                             Pool Name       Class Name
Capacity                Status

------------------------     -----------     ----------
---------     -----     --------
---------     -----     --------
22341C                       CRI-STORAG-     3570CLASS
22341C                       CRI-STORAG-     3570CLASS
5,145.9       1.0       Full


expire inventory change nothing.

ok if i change tape .. it will fill the new tape but ... why did it no
reuse the not full tape ?
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