[nv-l] unable to login to NetView Webconsole

2005-09-24 06:30:35
Subject: [nv-l] unable to login to NetView Webconsole
From: Swapna Prasad <swapna56782004 AT yahoo DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 03:30:09 -0700 (PDT)
Hi All,
        When I try to save the web console security it is able to save and restart the web server but on the console I see this exception
WARN com.tivoli.io.writeEndDeadFix -ignoring- java.io.IOException - write end dead.
I see the user and password user section, and that all looks fine.
Then when I try log in to Webconsole it says
     Unable to connect to webserver 8080 contact the administrator
I see the following lines in the web server console
2005-09-24 03:13:02,972 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO  com.tivoli.netview.auth.client.
LoginPane  - GETSSLPort http://xxxx:8080  response code 401
2005-09-24 03:13:09,344 [main] WARN  com.tivoli.netview.client.NetViewApplet  -
user not authenticated -- skipping applet init
2005-09-24 03:13:09,345 [main] INFO  com.tivoli.netview.client.NetViewApplet  -
exit init
2005-09-24 03:13:09,652 [main] INFO  com.tivoli.netview.client.NetViewApplet  -
exit start
2005-09-24 03:13:09,652 [main] ERROR com.tivoli.netview.client.NetViewClient  -
exit status=`1' Login failed.
Login failed.
I am sure the login id and password are correct. Is the "write end dead" exception causing this. Did any one face a similar problem. The log directory under www/logs does not have any files. I am using NetView 7.1.4 on Solaris.
Thanks in advance

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