Re: [nv-l] need info on trapd.log

2005-09-20 11:42:03
Subject: Re: [nv-l] need info on trapd.log
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 11:41:27 -0400

If you know how many variables there are, you can express them as $1 $2 $3 etc. Most traps send the same number every time. Some Cisco ones don't and in those cases you will get an error in the trapd.log when it has fewer than you code for. See the online help page for the trap configuration dialog. It covers all of the formatting options really well.


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09/20/2005 10:08 AM
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[nv-l] need info on trapd.log

Hi All,

         Using NetView 7.1.4 on Solaris
         Configured the traps, and I have set the "event log description" to log all the varbinds of the trap, by specifying $*. In the trapd.log file each of the varbinds are on separate line and each line is prepended with other info such as epoch time, trap category,trap creation time,.... Is there a way I can have all the varbinds under one trap description in the trapd.log.

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