RE: Netview Database component missing

2001-12-04 15:21:40
Subject: RE: Netview Database component missing
From: "Chan, Jack" <jack.chan AT nz.unisys DOT com>
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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 07:21:40 +1100
Thank you for your reply Jane. 

I am running NV on Solaris 8. And the fresh install did not create an icon
for me in the desktop. I got the make icon script and had a go, but the
script was complaining about Netview is not a managed resource. 

I have done upgrade from 5.x to 6.02 before and the database setup options
in serversetup remains. 

So I guess I might try to re-apply the database patch or just copy the
dbconf.dat across and have a look. 

Thanks again,


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I have a feeling that they missed one of the database setup options off the
serversetup menus.  If you are on AIX, you will find the option you are
looking for from smit -> nv6000 and then down the Configure menu.
Alternatively, this option is available from the NetViewServer icon on your
TIVOLI Desktop.

I would suggest, if you can, applying the NV 6.0.2 maintenance as it has
some database patches - particularly I think it had a Y2K patch required for

Other than that, I think you should be OK.  The missing menu in serversetup
isn't fixed with 6.0.2.


"Chan, Jack" wrote:

> Hi List,
> I have recently installed NV 6.0 on FW 3.7.1, I have installed the 
> Netview database as well. I am having the some problems:
> In serversetup, under configure manual, I do not have an option 
> "list/configure relational database". I have installed the Netview 
> database, I can see all the Netview database commands. wlsinst -ah 
> shows Netview server and database are all installed properly.
> Has anyone seen this happened? What are my options from here?
> 1. Should I just copy the dbconf.dat file across from one Netview 
> machine to another? And stop and start NV? 2. Will installing 6.02 
> solve this problem? I am going to install it later, but I doubt this 
> will solve the database problem because it is related to the upgrade.
> Note: I had some troubles installed NV on 3.7.1 before, I ended up 
> installed the NV server using SIS and the database component using 
> Tivoli desktop install. Both worked fine.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jack. 
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