Re: haview

1999-11-18 09:25:28
Subject: Re: haview
From: Ken Garst <Ken.Garst AT KP DOT ORG>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 06:25:28 -0800
You can bypass haview entirely by adding an enterprise id for HACMP and then 
defining traps for the cluster states as described in the HACMP MIB.  In 
effect, this treats HACMP just like an ordinary but virtual "device" such as 
Oracle DBMS and its MIB.  Remember to enter the trap destination ipaddr for 
NetView in the /etc/snmp.conf file for the HACMP hosts.

Note that in case of a node failover in an HACMP cluster that NetView will show 
an alarm avalanche of 26 traps, 13 traps from the node going down and 13 traps 
for the standby node coming up.

Also, on HACMP nodes, you can configure an error notification method(s) for 
HACMP cluster state events so that only certain cluster state changes send SNMP 
traps.  This alternative can eliminate the alarm avalanche, i.e. configure an 
error notification method just for node down and node up.


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