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1999-11-18 09:39:15
Subject: Re: Map Customization...
From: "Joel A. Gerber" <joel.gerber AT USAA DOT COM>
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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:39:15 -0600
Another technique you could try is to Hide the subnet icons.  Make sure that
there are no other nodes in any of these subnets, though, or they will get
hidden, too.  For example, if you are limiting netmon discovery with the
seedfile so that the only node in a subnet is the router, then it should be
OK to just hide it.  If you try this approach, then remember to "unhide"
these subnets every so often.  As your network changes over time, and router
interfaces get removed or changed, you can end up with subnets on your map
that no longer exist in the network.  If they stay hidden, you may not know
about them.  If you unhide them, they will show up as blue, and not
connected to anything.  Then you can delete them.

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        My recommendations would be as follows:

        1.  Place location sub-maps (containers) onto the internet submap.
        2.  Use the Edit, Cut/Paste feature to move the objects between maps
        Edit, Delete),
        this will keep your connections.

        Anybody else with suggestions?

        Scott Hammons
        McBride and Associates, Inc.
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        Subject: Map Customization...

        Hello All.

        Netview 5.1.

        I have created a seedfile and I have turned off the "Discover New
        The resulting map is quite congested with hundreds of subnet icons.
I want
        to create several locations and place the appropriate routers and
hubs in
        them and delete all the subnets.

        I went and tried to delete all the subnets (edit --> delete object
--> from
        this submap)but that left some of my routers 'disconnected' from
        else on the map and they turned blue. Then I did a netmon -y and all
        subnets came back like before!

        Surely, there must be a way to customize my map, have everything
        and be able to do a netmon -y without all the subnets coming back?
Any ideas
        on this.

        Thanks Gord.

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