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1998-08-19 12:19:44
Subject: Re: Node placement problem
From: Ray Schafer <schafer AT TKG DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 11:19:44 -0500

Besides what Peter wrote, there is another reason you could have multiple

If you have devices with multiple interfaces acting as routers, netview
wants to add these symbols into each network symbol in which the object
has an interface and in each map that contains a network symbol to
which the router has a connection.  For example in my map, ovtopodump
of a object yeilds:
NODES    104241/104242  mahwhgate2.routernet.ups.com Up
         104241/104804  mahwhgate2.routernet.ups.com Up
         104241/104805  mahwhgate2.routernet.ups.com Up

In this case Netview will should put the symbol for the object in 3
networks.  Also, if I have location submaps that contain one of these
networks, Netview will want to place a symbol for the router into that

If this is the case, when you drag the object onto the root map, it
will make a connection to where Netview wants to place it.  Cut and
paste the object into that map. If it connects to another Location or
submap, cut and paste it into there.  Keep doing that until you have it
finally connecting to a network symbol.  If in that submap, there exists
a symbol already for that object and it connects to the same network,
than you have another problem, perhaps the one Peter Describes.

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Peter Hadamovsky wrote:

> Neal Wallace {DNSAKL} wrote:
> > I have created a custom map for our nodes, but Netview 'discovers' nodes
> > which are not on the root IP Internet submap and places them into the
> > New Objects region, waiting for placement (I have turned off automatic
> > layout so that all of these 'new' nodes can be deleted much quicker).
> > The problem is that they are already within my custom map, on a lower
> > submap. How then do I tell Netview to stop trying to place these nodes
> > onto my map?
> >
> > In Polling Options, I have deselected 'Poll to Discover New Nodes', so I
> > would have hoped that Netview would not try to place these nodes
> > anywhere (I must reiterate that these nodes have already been discovered
> > and are placed on a submap - there are no other maps or snapshots).
> >
> > I am using Netview 5.0A on NT.
> >
> > Does anyone have any ideas please?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Neal Wallace
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> > Datacom Network Services
> >
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> Hi Neal,
> I have had a similar problem recently. You pobably have too many levels of
> lcations in your map - that's the real problem. NetView is able to handle 4
> to five levels but nothing more, this means after cutting and pasting an
> object to the desired location NetView looses the database contact to this
> Object.
> The problem that follows is the one you described - you get the New Object
> Holding Area fulll of new objects!
> You can check how many levels you have already got:
> Open one of your maps and select "Open Submap" this will last a long time
> and finally you will see the number for the level and the name of your
> devices!
> To solve the problem:
> Create a new map, and don't do too many levels of locations! This means you
> have to start again from scratch!
> You do not have to empty the databases - you just have to create a new map!
> Hope this helps a wee bit
>     Best Regards
>         peter
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