Re: Node placement problem

1998-08-17 22:29:54
Subject: Re: Node placement problem
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 22:29:54 -0400
Take a closer look at chapter 4, especially 4-31, Understanding the IP Map
Application Submap Heirarchy
and the following sections. You are SUPPOSED to have multiple symbols for a
node, depending on the kind
of node. A router will appear at three levels, or submaps, in the map. I
suggest you take the new ones appearing
in the NOHA and cut them (from This submap) and paste them into your custom
submap. They will connect
to the symbol for the network they belong to. You may be trying too hard here.
You don't really have total
control over where every symbol goes; the good news is, you don't have to draw
your maps yourself. Netview
will do a pretty good job of it for you. The different levels convey different
information. Try letting the discovery
complete naturally, and then cutting and pasting things from the internet
submap level into your custom areas.
Confine your cutting to the IP Internet level submap, and your pasting into
container objects that you create
on that same IP Internet level submap (or inside other container objects) and
you will avoid corrupting the

I have created a custom map for our nodes, but Netview 'discovers' nodes
which are not on the root IP Internet submap and places them into the
New Objects region, waiting for placement (I have turned off automatic
layout so that all of these 'new' nodes can be deleted much quicker).
The problem is that they are already within my custom map, on a lower
submap. How then do I tell Netview to stop trying to place these nodes
onto my map?

In Polling Options, I have deselected 'Poll to Discover New Nodes', so I
would have hoped that Netview would not try to place these nodes
anywhere (I must reiterate that these nodes have already been discovered
and are placed on a submap - there are no other maps or snapshots).

I am using Netview 5.0A on NT.

Does anyone have any ideas please?


Leslie Clark
IBM Global Services - Network & Systems Management - Detroit
(248) 552-4968 TL/896-4968

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