[Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR

2005-08-05 04:42:52
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR
From: dave.markham AT fjserv DOT net (Dave Markham)
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 09:42:52 +0100
Cornely, David wrote:

> Hello,
> We are preparing to replicate our master server catalog daily via SRDF 
> to a remote site for Disaster Recovery purposes.  As one might guess, 
> the server at the remote site will not have the same hostname/domain 
> as the production server at the local site.
> Has anyone tested recovery for a situation such as this?  I'm sure 
> it's possible and realize we may need to engage Veritas consulting 
> services for help but wanted to query the user community beforehand.  
> Is there anything we need to watch out for?  Thanks.
> NBU 5.0MP4
> Solaris 9 Master server
> TIA...
> -Dave
I have done this by running bpbackupdb -dpath daily and scping this over 
to my DR site.
The caveat is i have to have the DR site backup server named the same as 
the production site. I dont use dns so this isnt a problem under normal 
I found when the names were different the media could not bee seen and 
there were storage unit issues and volume database problems which were 
too time consuming to resolve. I did try the bpimage -oldserver 
-newserver but that didnt fix things.

I find it easier now to just have hostnames the same. It all works 
fantastically for DR and i just bprecover the catalogues on the DR 
server which came across yesterday from the Production site.

I have a basic doc i wrote on my procedure if it helps at all


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