[Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR

2005-08-05 00:13:28
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR
From: David Rock <dave-bu AT graniteweb DOT com> (David Rock)
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 23:13:28 -0500
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* Ian_Fehring AT DOT au <Ian_Fehring AT DOT au> 
[2005-08-05 12:=
> David,
> We do a similar thing with our Master server using SRDF to replicate the
> our DR site.
> For DR Testing, we split our SRDF link (to stop replication) and mount our
> DR disks to our DR master server. We then do a 'hostname
> prod_master_server_name" to change the name of the DR server to be the sa=
> as our production host. We DO NOT change the IP address on the DR server.
> We can then start up the DR master server and point clients to it to test
> restores and/or backups. By doing this, we continue to have the Production
> master server running performing backups etc, but can also test that our =
> master server can start correctly and with the production data (at the
> point in time of the SRDF split)
> The procedure that we have for a Real DR is very similar, except we
> obviously do not need to manually stop the SRDF replication.

We are doing the same thing and it works great. The only reason anyone
=66rom the backup group has to be there at all is in case something goes
horribly wrong and the master needs to be built from scratch. I'm
actually at our DR site as I type this using exactly this type of

David Rock
david AT graniteweb DOT com

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