[Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR

2005-08-03 09:42:41
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR
From: dlogcher AT MIT DOT EDU (Dan Logcher)
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 09:42:41 -0400
Zermeno, Brandon (Contractor) wrote:
> I believe (and hope) that you would be looking for a recovery without 
> having to do an import. Here is a link that might help. I am in the 
> process of setting up our DR replication like yours. I plan on moving 
> the replicated data into the Veritas directory. Hopefully I can then see 
> the images needed to start the recovery process. I have done similar 
> setups when I migrated my Master to a new server. I had a few issues 
> with things like client permissions and deassigning media, but if you 
> are doing just a DR restore you wouldn?t worry about some of that.

I've mentioned this before, and this works for me.

I rsync the image catalogs to another server, and it works very well.


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