[Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR

2005-08-04 22:28:16
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Master Catalog DR
From: Ian_Fehring AT DOT au (Ian_Fehring AT DOT au)
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 12:28:16 +1000

We do a similar thing with our Master server using SRDF to replicate the
our DR site.

For DR Testing, we split our SRDF link (to stop replication) and mount our
DR disks to our DR master server. We then do a 'hostname
prod_master_server_name" to change the name of the DR server to be the same
as our production host. We DO NOT change the IP address on the DR server.

We can then start up the DR master server and point clients to it to test
restores and/or backups. By doing this, we continue to have the Production
master server running performing backups etc, but can also test that our DR
master server can start correctly and with the production data (at the
point in time of the SRDF split)

The procedure that we have for a Real DR is very similar, except we
obviously do not need to manually stop the SRDF replication.

Hope this helps a little


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We are preparing to replicate our master server catalog daily via SRDF to a
remote site for Disaster Recovery purposes.  As one might guess, the server
at the remote site will not have the same hostname/domain as the production
server at the local site.

Has anyone tested recovery for a situation such as this?  I'm sure it's
possible and realize we may need to engage Veritas consulting services for
help but wanted to query the user community beforehand.  Is there anything
we need to watch out for?  Thanks.

NBU 5.0MP4

Solaris 9 Master server



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