[Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)

2007-05-31 08:57:09
Subject: [Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)
From: Fazil Saiyed <fazil.saiyed AT ANIXTER DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 08:54:20 -0400
I can speak to the fact that we have migrated from 7.2.1, to 7.3.2-update 
1, besides the dislike for Java wich i think adds bit of confusion , as 
far as different java versions that can be in conflict (on your desktop), 
however, the new GUI offers lots of info, priviously, not easily produced 
and yes reporting ( still bit unreliable to me).
Windows Networker admins will like the new networker more then unix\AIX, 
as they are well versed ( unix folks) in cmd line, they may not need some 
of the enhancement in the new GUI. Howevere, i do feel it's well worth the 
upgrade, we have not had major issues with networker since i upgraded.
(160 Networker windows client, one windows 2003 64 bit server & one 
storage node.)

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