Re: [Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)

2007-05-30 11:48:33
Subject: Re: [Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)
From: Librado Pamintuan <LPamintuan AT REGINA DOT CA>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 09:45:17 -0600
So which is more painful:
Keep the current Networker v7.2.2 and downgrade the kernel to RedHat ES 3 or
Keep the current kernel of Red Hat ES 4 and upgrade Networker to v7.3.x

>>> Francis Swasey <Frank.Swasey AT uvm DOT edu> 30/May/2007 9:38 am >>>
If you check the NetWorker hardware compatibility guide, you will find 
that NetWorker 7.2.x is not supported on Red Hat ES 4.  NetWorker 7.2 is 
only supported on Red Hat ES 3.

Red Hat ES 4 is supported for NetWorker 7.3.x


On 5/30/07 11:17 AM, Librado Pamintuan wrote:
> I think this is a compatibility issue with RedHat ES 4 and Networker. I am 
> having the same issues.
> I was on RedHat ES 3 update 5 before, same Networker version - v.7.2.2 (jumbo 
> patch) and same hardware.
> Dell PowerEdge 2850 with LSI Logic HBA to an ADIC Scalar 100 with 2 IBM LTO-2 
> tape drives.
> When I was on this kernel,  you can get the response immediately after you 
> hit the 'Enter' key when you use inquire and nsrjb commands, but right after 
> I upgraded to RedHat ES 4 update 4, everything went too slow even using the 
> GUI. Just inventory 1 to 36 slots using the GUI takes at least an hour this 
> time.
> To use Inquire and nsrjb command, you can go get coffee and be back before 
> you can get the output.
> I already tried to resolve this with Dell, Legato, RedHat and LSI Logic Tech. 
> supports, but got nothing.
> Update 5 is now available on RedHat ES 4, I will download it and boot from it 
> and will see if there are any improvements.
> regards,
> Librado Pamintuan
> Technical Support Analyst II
> Information Systems Div.
> Operations Group
> City of Regina
> Phone:          (306) 777-7573
> General Fax: (306) 777-6804
> eFax:             (306) 546-6002
> eMail:            lpamintuan AT regina DOT ca 
>>>> "McDonald, Paul" <Paul.McDonald AT DNR.STATE.OH DOT US> 30/May/2007 6:51 
>>>> am >>>
> I am setting up a new networker server on a Dell 2850 running RedHat ES
> 4 and Networker 7.2.2 using a Emulex LP9802-E HBA to an ADIC Scalar 10k with 
> Pathlight 5000 SNC.  When issuing a "inquire" to probe the SCSI bus it's
> extremely slow (8m3.693s) consistently.  RedHat sees all of the hardware
> ok - 
> library, changer, and 4 LTO1 drives.  This is an existing library being
> driven 
> by RedHat AS 2.1 just fine using a Qlogic Qla2200 HBA.  Topology is set
> to 
> "Private Loop".
> Any thoughts or help would be appreciated,
> t.i.a.

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