Re: [Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)

2007-05-30 11:56:08
Subject: Re: [Networker] Very slow inquire command (fwd)
From: Librado Pamintuan <LPamintuan AT REGINA DOT CA>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 09:53:13 -0600
Hello Davina,
The solution as stated from the archive will work only on SLES O/S, I tried 
this on my RedHat server and got an error message that it is not a recognized 

>>> Davina Treiber <DavinaTreiber AT DOT uk> 30/May/2007 9:37 am >>>
Librado Pamintuan wrote:
> I think this is a compatibility issue with RedHat ES 4 and Networker. I am 
> having the same issues.
> I was on RedHat ES 3 update 5 before, same Networker version - v.7.2.2 (jumbo 
> patch) and same hardware.
> Dell PowerEdge 2850 with LSI Logic HBA to an ADIC Scalar 100 with 2 IBM LTO-2 
> tape drives.
> When I was on this kernel,  you can get the response immediately after you 
> hit the 'Enter' key when you use inquire and nsrjb commands, but right after 
> I upgraded to RedHat ES 4 update 4, everything went too slow even using the 
> GUI. Just inventory 1 to 36 slots using the GUI takes at least an hour this 
> time.
> To use Inquire and nsrjb command, you can go get coffee and be back before 
> you can get the output.
> I already tried to resolve this with Dell, Legato, RedHat and LSI Logic Tech. 
> supports, but got nothing.
This is an issue with the st driver in the 2.6 kernel. The solution is 
in the archives, search for a thread entitled "Networker 7.2.2 on SLES9" 
and the postings from Dag Nygren who was spot on with his advice.

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