Re: [Networker] Deleting savesets

2004-12-28 11:24:12
Subject: Re: [Networker] Deleting savesets
From: Andrew Harkin <andrew.harkin_networker AT MCKENNAN DOT ORG>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 10:22:56 -0600
Thanks!  The combination of those two seems to work perfectly.  I'll do some
more testing with it to make sure, but I think I can use this to do exactly
what I wanted in production.

In case anyone wants to do something like this, here's a hacked together
batch file using the ported unix utilites from  This is for 7.1.2, not sure if there's
any differences in mminfo output between versions.  If there are, the gawk
may need to be changed to a different field.

mminfo -av VolumeName | grep " cE " %TEMP%\cleanup.txt | gawk {print$8} >
%TEMP%\cleanup.txt for /F %%s in (%TEMP%\cleanup.txt) do nsrmm -d -y -S %%s
nsrstage -C -V "VolumeName"

The basic function is to retrieve a list of expired savesets from a volume,
delete them, then clean the volume with nsrstage.  It's very basic, could
probably be done more efficiently, and I need to add error trapping into it,
but it's a decent starting place.


On 28 Dec 2004, at 06:42, Darren Dunham wrote:

>> Andrew
>> You use the nsrmm command to achieve this.
>> Nsrmm -d -y -S SSID
> On a normal volume, this wouldn't affect the data at all, only the
> databases for the data.  Does this actually delete the data when it's
> an
> adv_file device?

No, it doesn't - not until NetWorker does a volume clean operation or
you explicitly invoke one via:

nsrstage -C -V "Volume Label"


-Preston de Guise.

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