[Networker] Drives disable when cloning

2004-12-13 09:59:14
Subject: [Networker] Drives disable when cloning
From: Alain Richard <alain.richard AT MRN.GOUV.QC DOT CA>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 09:58:30 -0500
Hi everyone,

I have a strange case since I change my SDLT220 for SDLT320 on my
solaris2.8 sever networker 6.1.4. The drives work well for backup but each
week on sunday when I clone (nsrclone script), I've got READING I/O error
and sometime 3 of 4 drives became disable (and it is random). If I retry
the missing saveset, on monday, the clone work OK!

Have you already seen that !!!

This is my config line in st.conf
        "QUANTUM SDLT320",      "SDLT320", "SDLT2";
SDLT2 =     1,0x38,0,0x19639,4,0x92,0x93,0x90,0x91,3;

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