[ADSM-L] MSSQL mirrored backup media sets

2016-04-28 10:05:59
Subject: [ADSM-L] MSSQL mirrored backup media sets
From: Maurice van 't Loo <maurice AT BACKITUP DOT NU>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 16:04:22 +0200

I try to find a method for TDP for MSSQL, to backup the archlogs directly
to two different mgmtclasses.

The goals is to send the data directly to 2 locations.
- Simultanious write can't be used as there is no migration possible with
copy data and sending the archlogs to remote tapedrives is not an option.
- Sending ones to a mirrored diskpool, then backup stg, then migrate (so
the data is always at the remote location) can not be 100% garanteed,
therefor no option.

In SQL you have the feature "Microsoft SQL Server mirrored backup media
sets" what does the backup to two different locations.

In RedBook  I see
that in chapter 2.4.3 that mirrored backup media sets are supported, but I
can't find anywhere how.

Does anyone has a clue or an other good idea to send the archlogs directly
to two locations (mgmtclasses) ?

Thanks in advance,
Maurice van 't Loo

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