[ADSM-L] backup stgpool - command issue

2012-05-17 07:22:38
Subject: [ADSM-L] backup stgpool - command issue
From: Victor Shum <victorshum AT CADEX.COM DOT HK>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 19:13:29 +0800
Dear all :

Due to tape library slot limitation, we implement TSM 6.3 with the following
scenarios :


TS-3200 with 4 x LTO5, 48 slots

TSM configure

3 x primary pool ( A, B, C) for 1 x copy pool (for offsite - off_data)

4 cycle x 7 day of tape media

Daily backup : 4 ~ 8TB


1.       Different hosts running different backup job, so that all the tape
Drive will be occupy during the daily backup.

2.       At the end of day, we use backup stgpool to make a copy of three
primary pool

3.       Check out all tape (current cycle)

4.       Insert a new set of tape

5.       Audit tape library, check in tape..etc

6.       Repeat 1

But we found the backup stgpool cannot be completed last-night.  From the
actlog, it keep report : ANR1228I Removable volume AAA208L5 is required for
storage pool backup. (SESSION: 10245, PROCESS: 199).  While this media was
used for backup in previous cycle (2 weeks ago).

So I am thinking is some of the files has been deleted on the hosts side
yesterday, so the existing tape (inside the tape library) does not content
those files.  But the "backup stgpool" has to copy all "active" files to the
copy-pool; that is why TSM try to mount other tape has the files on it??
Or I just hit a bug of TSM ??

Best regards,

Victor Shum