Re: Mac 3.7 Errors

2001-05-18 09:25:45
Subject: Re: Mac 3.7 Errors
From: Reinhard Mersch <mersch AT UNI-MUENSTER DOT DE>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 15:26:21 +0200
> Can any body figure what this error is.
> DTcpipinterface::ciflush: Unknown Error Code ; rc = 268435559
> sessRecvVerb: Error -50 from call to 'readRtn'.
> Just install Tivoli 3.7 on a Mac and Not sure what this error is.
> I would call Tivoli but dont think they care about Mac's to much.
> Any help is good help..

This seems to be APAR IC27847, which is corrected in

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