Re: NT Performance issues

2001-05-03 13:59:15
Subject: Re: NT Performance issues
From: Chris Gibes <gibes AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 17:44:59 GMT
> Hi All,
> I run the NT TSM 4.1.x.x at client (43 clients) and Server and performance
> is rubbish...
> Arcserve was 100 times faster!!! (Min.!!!!)
> I have applied all the tuning covered in the Tivoli Adv.Mgmt course... and
> can't get much past 1MB/sec

so you were getting at least 100MB/sec or 360GB/hour with arcserve?!?!?

Still, 1MB/sec isn't good at all.

> So that I can justify (or not) retaining Tivoli.... Any ideas where its all
> gone wrong????

My first inclination is to blame the network :)

Seriously, you should try ftping some larger files to your TSM server and see
what kind of speed you get. If that speed is satisfactory then you need to go
down the chain and look at your storage pool setup and make sure that all your
hardware associated with it is performing as expected. Once you've looked at
your network infrastructure and hardware and eliminated them as possible
bottlenecks, then you can start looking at TSM tuning parameters.

> I will send details of my setttings/hardware to anyone interested....
> Is it really just a crabby product???

I've gone in and replaced Arcserve with TSM and have usually gotten better
performance with TSM than with Arcserve. In those instances where I haven't it
was because the hardware was the bottleneck for both systems.

The usual knock against TSM isn't performance related, it's that TSM is overly
complicated and has a steep learning curve.

To really diagnose the problem you should tell us what kind of hardware and OS
your TSM server is running on, and then the output of q opt, q stg, q status
and  more information about your clients.

Chris Gibes
gibes AT berbee DOT com
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