ADSM Database size

1997-12-16 17:28:22
Subject: ADSM Database size
From: Richard C Hulkenberg III <richard.c.hulkenberg.iii AT CCMAIL.CENSUS DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:28:22 -0500
     We in the implementation stages of our ADSM installation on an IBM
     RS/6000 SP with multiple vendor clients.  We have been told by an ADSM
     consultant, that we have to allow space for the ADSM database.  The
     size of the ADSM database is proportional to the size of the data we
     are backing up by 10%.  Therefore, if we have a terabyte of data, we
     need an ADSM database the size of 100GB.

     Is this true?  What is the ADSM database storing and why does it take
     up so much space?  Are we being told this for performance reasons, or
     is this a hard and fast requirement?

     Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.

     Richard Hulkenberg
     System Administrator
     The Consortium, Inc.
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