Re: PORT 80 instead of 1500?

1997-12-16 18:21:19
Subject: Re: PORT 80 instead of 1500?
From: "Mark J. Cecil" <mjc AT WAYLOO.TCS.TULANE DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:21:19 -0600
> Ben,
>  I get the feeling you already know what we are going to respond, but here
> goes.
>  Very often, a firewall is used to allow an internal network (intranet) to
> have access to the Internet while still affording some security.  Since
> port 80 is reserved for HTTP server access (Web pages, etc.) using this
> port may cause trouble.  Obviously, no product that is not an HTTP server
> would use this port by default.  You CAN use this port, if you wish, as
> long a there is no HTTP server running on the same machine that the ADSM
> server is running.  Just change the server/client option files.
> I feel as if I have not provided you with the abuse you expect.  Please
> don't feel slighted and overlook this as it is only a symptom of a long
> day.
> Dan T.
> > _
> >
> >         I know the default ADSM TCP/IP Port is 1500, but can anyone
> >         tell me a reason one does not want to use port 80?  It would
> >         solve many firewall problems.
> >
> >         I am prepared for abuse on this one.
> >
> > --
> > Benjamin Kokenge

Sounds to me like you're trying to "go-around" your network administrator.
Seems it would be easier to ask him/her to open that port for use from the
address you (presumably already) know.  That way, ADSM would work "as-shipped"
inside the firewall, but your external client would still have access.


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