Re: ADSM requirements

2015-10-04 18:03:06
Subject: Re: ADSM requirements
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 12/1/97 5:14PM
Those who have been around the list for a while remember my gripe with
requirements and submission of them - I won't repeat them here.

But I did have an idea..... What if there was some way to track what requests
had been submitted to IBM?  Dave Kalendarian has provided the number of the
V3 for VM requirement.... What if we posted the information about a request
to the list when we submitted one, so others would have a chance to say "Me
too!"!  Or perhaps someone who can develop Internet web pages (I'm limited to
Intranet) could build a page of the ones that had been supplied by other list

I keep thinking there has to be a better way here..... What do others think?

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: Re: ADSM requirements
Date:    12/1/97 5:14 PM

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:59:32 -0500 McKinley, Bil (TGA/MLOL) said:
>Does anyone know how to 'submit requirement' requests
>to the ADSM developers/architects?
>I know that this can be done via GUIDE and SHARE through
>the REQUIREMENTS committee.  But being that we rarely
>attend these conferences, I am looking for another avenue.
>Anyone have any comments?
>Bil McKinley
>Merrill Lynch & Co.
>ENSO / Enterprise Storage Technology
>Bil_McKinley AT ml DOT com

Hi Bil,

Call 1 800 IBM 4YOU (426-4968) and ask for the Tech line for your area. (I ask
for the Northeast tech line). When you get to your local IBM rep, tell
them you want to fill out a 'system request'. Since a request for ADSM V3 on
VM has already been created, you shouldn't have to fill out a form. Just
ask to have your site added to the ADSM V3 on VM requirement number 00066512.
Let me know how it goes.

Dave Kalenderian
617 253-7548
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