Re: Re[2]: reclamation

1997-12-02 12:44:05
Subject: Re: Re[2]: reclamation
From: Hilton Tina <HiltonT AT EXCH1.INDY.TCE DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 12:44:05 -0500
Filling tapes do get reclaimed, I see it all the time.  Issue a 'q vol
xxxxxx f=d' for a tape in filling status.  Unless the tape has just been
created or somehow never had any files written to it that have expired
out of ADSM, you will see a value for 'Pct. Reclaimable Space'.   ADSM
appears to base this off of how much space on the tape has been used by
backups and how much of this space was used by files that have expired.

We have the estimated capacity set to 10,000MB for our 3590 tapes.   For
example, I'm looking at an onsite tape right now with an est. capacity
of 126,488MB, %util of 97.6 and % reclaimable of 2.4.  For offsite
tapes, it's more interesting.  One of our tapes that's marked offsite
has est. capactiy 10,000MB, %util 1.3, and %reclaimable 98.7.  When I
look at it again after doing an 'upd vol xxxxxx access=readw' the
%reclaimable is now 4.5.  It seems offsite tapes that were just created
(and should have few if any expired files) and almost empty get
reclaimed right away.

Tina Hilton
Thomson Consumer Electronics

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> Subject:      Re[2]: reclamation
>      I'll disagree here, because you can't calculate %empty until you
> know
>      what full is.
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> Subject: Re: reclamation
> Author:  David Cannon <cannon AT US.IBM DOT COM> at ~Internet
> Date:    12/1/97 6:38 PM
> >Reclamation will only occur on tapes that are marked as "full".
> Filling
> >tapes will not be reclaimed until they have first been marked "full",
> and
> >then are found to be candidates for reclamation.
> Tapes are reclaimed if  they satisfy the reclamation threshold,
> regardless of
> whether the tapes have been marked full.
> Dave Cannon
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