1997-12-29 12:46:11
From: Yu Chen <ychen AT NCTR.FDA DOT GOV>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 11:46:11 -0600
i got the same problem here. after the reclamation running for a while and
emptied two tapes. the one was filling became full and then the
reclamation process terminated ("insufficient space in storage pool"). i
thought it would use the newly emptied tapes but obviously it didn't. it
tried to use a tape that was already full. i got two more tapes still
iligible for the reclamation threshhold i set.

any ideas? thanks.

yu chen

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On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Mark Linehan wrote:
On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Mark Linehan wrote:

** Okay, I set the reclamation threshhold to 30 and it immediately decided it
** wanted to reclaim volume SLTJS1. It began to reclaim data using volume
** SLTGS2, which was filled. When SLTGS2 became filled, the reclamation
** porcess bombed out rather than moving to another tape. We have TWO tapes
** which are not FULL. We have NO tapes which are scratch volumes. Adstar now
** seems determined on finding a scratch volume to continue reclamation, but
** we have none. Is there a setting to allow reclamation to occur using
** NON-SCRATCH volumes, or am I overlooking something else???
** Mark Linehan
** Information Services
** The North Shore Medical Center
** markl AT DOT org
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