Re: reclamation

1997-12-02 13:25:27
Subject: Re: reclamation
From: Doug Thorneycroft <dthorneycroft AT LACSD DOT ORG>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:25:27 -0800
There is at least one case where a tape that is filling, (not full) will
be eligible for reclimation processing. As soon as it's marked as

>      I'll disagree here, because you can't calculate %empty until you know
>      what full is.
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> Subject: Re: reclamation
> Author:  David Cannon <cannon AT US.IBM DOT COM> at ~Internet
> Date:    12/1/97 6:38 PM
> >Reclamation will only occur on tapes that are marked as "full".  Filling
> >tapes will not be reclaimed until they have first been marked "full", and
> >then are found to be candidates for reclamation.
> Tapes are reclaimed if  they satisfy the reclamation threshold, regardless of
> whether the tapes have been marked full.
> Dave Cannon
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