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2000-03-11 06:53:25
Subject: RE: NetView
From: "John Creasey" <creasey AT ozemail.com DOT au>
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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 22:53:25 +1100
I wonder why nobody has ever thought about adding a menu option
to delete an object properly.  Surely it isnt that hard to do?
Why should a poor user have to trudge around various maps and submaps
deleting objects.

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> This happens when you delete something from one map but not
> the other, and is a feature designed to allow you to make different
> views for different users. The ovtopofix command, which you should
> be running periodically, has a '-a' option if you want to put
> everything
> back on all maps, and a '-A' option if you want to preserve the
> differences.
> An object must be deleted from both of the maps (all submaps on
> both maps) before it can be rediscovered. So if you have two maps that
> are different and you want them to be different, but you want
> one object
> to appear on both and it is only on one, you must delete it from the
> one where it still appears. Then it will be rediscovered and show up
> on both maps.
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> Hi,
> We have two maps, but something objects appear just only one map.
> Can anyone tell me how to place this objects in another map.
> Thanks in Advance
> José Roberto Antunes
>   e-mail: antunes AT telesc.com DOT br
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