Re: Hierarchy of submaps

1999-11-11 11:01:56
Subject: Re: Hierarchy of submaps
From: Scott Hammons <SHammons AT MCBRIDE DOT COM>
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 09:01:56 -0700
I don't know about Solaris, but I'm running under AIX and I find it much
easier to build containers (submaps) in the IP map.  When I move objects
within containers, the connections move with them.  So far, I have not
experienced any problems.  I'm interested in what other's views on this are
as well.

Scott Hammons
McBride and Associates, Inc.

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Subject: Hierarchy of submaps

Fellow Netviewers

I have been advised by my netview service provider:

 " that the IP Internet view should   not have submaps but rather should be
a flat

topology map and the heirarchical views should be based off the root map.

not doing so causes netview (5.1.1 under solaris 2.6) to be instable"

I would appreciate  your experienced views on this matter.

Kind regards.

Willem Bos
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