Re: The question of ...Evaluating Platforms/Frameworks Again

1998-09-22 23:18:22
Subject: Re: The question of ...Evaluating Platforms/Frameworks Again
From: Ray Schafer <schafer AT TKG DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 23:18:22 -0400

I have not worked with OpenView at all, so I can't comment on this suite of
products.  I have worked with TME 10 Netview quite extensively, and have
this to contribute:

   o  I find Netview (the SNMP Manager) to be quite customizable
      with a rich set of tools allowing some very complex tasks to
      be done with relative ease. The collection facility and ruleset
      editor in particular are extremely useful. Collections are a
      very nice way to help organize your SNMP manager and can be
      used in many ways within the product. You can create dynamic
      collections of routers whose IP status is not "Normal". You
      can assign polling intervals based on collections.  You can
      gather statistics based on collections, and you can cause a
      page to be sent, or a trouble ticket to be opened as a
      response to a node in a collection changing status to Marginal
      or Critical.

   o  Looking at the current release of TME 10 Netview (5.1) I see
      rather tight integration with the other members of the Tivoli
      suite of products.  The reality of true Enterprise Management
      is not far away.  T/EC offers a central view and point of event
      correlation that allows real time root cause analysis. This
      allows one to correlate application events with network events,
      and automate initial actions and responses.

   o  All software has bugs.  I have found that in the relatively rare
      event I come across one, the support I get is great. The people
      show genuine interest in my problem and get me an e-fix within a
      surprisingly short period of time.  IBM's commitment in this
      area has always impressed me, no matter what the product is.

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> Subject: The question of ...Evaluating Platforms/Frameworks Again
> Once again I have been charged with the task of evaluating EMS type
> platforms/frameworks. At present I am looking at both Tivoli vs HP
> OpenView..... with a mind to installing layered applications to
> monitor the
> network, PC desktops, NT & UNIX servers, application databases, interfaces
> to Remedy/Clarify helpdesks and of course the network.
> I am after user feedback as to the latest level of ease of installation,
> configuration and operation for each of theselayered app's on each
> platform.  Looking at the product sheets, both both vendors promise all
> .... however, as we live in the real world, I am interested in how easy
> people have found to deliver these promises.
> Thanks in advance.
> GE Capital IT Solutions
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