Re: nways installation

1998-09-22 22:09:33
Subject: Re: nways installation
From: Jim Kellock <jkelloc AT IBM DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:09:33 -0400
Nways Manager for AIX will install with JDK1.1.2, JDK1.1.4, or
JDK1.1.4.3 (the newest GA version for AIX), the last available as a
ptf.  If you have JDK1.1.2 installed, do lslpp -ha 'Java*'. If it
returns JDK1.1.1.2 or JRK1.1.1.2, you hve a bad build installed.

To use the Java front end, cd to /cdrom, then run install_nways (or
./install_nways) from there.  You can also just use installp (smit
install) on the images in /cdrom/image.  Ot works fine.  DO not install
the RABM images with the other stuff, and read the tips at

Daniel Casey wrote:
> You need to have the Java Development Kit, JDK, verrsion 1.1.2 to run
> the installation.
> I attempted to install Nways with JDK 1.1.4 and it failed as well.
> Hope this helps,
> Daniel
> JOERG.KLEIN AT LHSYSTEMS DOT COM on 09/21/98 11:29:27
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> Subject:  nways installation
> Hello,
> I tried to install Nways Manager 1.2 on an F40 with AIX 4.2.1. After
> starting the installation-script /cdrom/install.nways, I got the following
> messages:
>         Java runtime environment is at the right level
>         Cannot find class Install
> The installation process aborted after that message.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks,
> Joerg Klein
> joerg.klein AT lhsystems DOT com

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